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Cool Kids Sites

Kids Rules For Online Safety

Kidserf!- Tempe Public Library

Mesa Public Library's Student Research Web Site

Middle School Home Page- Tempe Public Library

Tucson Public Library's Weblinks for Kids

Internet Public Library's Youth Division

Dallas Public Library's Kids Page

Nothin But Net from Austin Public Library(issue #2)

Nothing But Net From Austin Public Library(issue #3)

San Antonio Public Library's Web Page For Kids

Fort Worth Public Library's Youth Internet Resource Sites

Kidsconnect Favorite Web Sites For K-12 Students
Great for answering homework questions

Wishbone's Web Site

Disney's Web Site

Arthur's Web Site

The Official Beanie Babies Site's Web Site

Nickelodeon's Web site

Seattle Public Library's Kids' Place

Yahooligans: Search Engine For Kids

P. J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper

USA Today's Searching for history on the Web

StarChild A learning center for young astronomers



Internet for kids


Sunrise Mountain High School Media Center's Links for Students and Teachers

Book of Pooh

Foxkids Games


Lycos Little Kids Games

Lycos Mind Games

Mouse House Jr

Nick Games

PBSKids Games

Playhouse Disney

Harry Potter





paper airplanes

Learn 2 Type

Kids Voting

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