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Parade at U of A after the 1988 Final Four

1988-1989 Suns. Steve's rookie year(#4)

The shot from the 1997 finals.

Steve with Jud Buechler and Brian Williams

Bulls' rally in 1997 the year Steve's 3pt shot won the game

Steve at the 1998 Bulls' Ralley

Steve's #25 hanging from the rafters at McKale Center at U of A

Steve warming up before the Suns V. Spurs game 1/7/2000

Steve in the game

1997 Rally pic courtesy WGN. The shot, 1997 finals and 1998 ralley courtesy from Fox Sports. The rest were taken by me.

Wild About the Cats Wav
Didn't know Steve could rap? Well, 93.7 KRQQ in Tucson and the '88 basketball team made a song called"Wild About the Cat's". This wav is Steve's contribution.



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