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Goldfish Reference Page

Here are some neat web sites for information on goldfish:

A site called Goldfish Basics. Gives good basic infomation on Goldfish.

Goldfish Information and Ideas. Another site with good basic information and ideas about goldfish.

Fish Fair Library Has lots of links to helpful information about fish.

I love goldfish. A site by a goldfish enthusiast.

Goldfish Sanctuary A site for the ethical treatment of goldfish. An online magazine about fish.

rec.aquaria.freshwater.goldfish is an excellent newsgroup about goldfish.

Aquarium is a good listserv about fish.
To subscribe send an e-mail message to that reads
subscribe aquarium [your name]

There are also books about goldfish

Harris, Jack C. A Step-by-Step Book About Goldfish
Neptune City, N.J.: T.F.H. Publications, 1987.

Matsui, Yoshiichi, Goldfish Guide
Neptune City, N.J.: T.F.H. Publications, 1991.

There are also newspaper and magazine articles about goldfish.

"Take Your Goldfish to Work Day" New York Times 4/25/96 p. a25.

Tropical Fish Hobbyist is a good magazine to subscribe to.

Of course your local public library is an excellent source for information on Goldfish as well.

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