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The Day I, Cathy Coffman, Knew I Was A TV Addict

One night I was sitting in my apartment in Glendale, Arizona watching television. I started thinking about what I had watched on TV that day. I had started out with Sesame Street so that I could talk to the kids in my pre-school storytime at the Library about what went on that day on the show. Then I watched Bugs Bunny, which I have loved since I was a kid. Then I watched the Simpsons. Then I watched ESPN to find out how Steve Kerr and the rest of the Chicago Bulls did in their game that night. Then I watched David Letterman's Top 10 List, which has become a ritual for me since freshman year in college.

After I ran through the list of programs I had watched that day, I realized that I was addicted to TV. I was able to repeat every single line in the Bugs Bunny episode that I had watched that day. I used phrases like Bart Simpson's "Don't have a cow man!" in my daily conversations. Also, every night I absolutely had to see how the Bulls did that night and I couldn't live without my David Letterman Top 10 List. Is there a cure for my addiction? I don't know. But, I decided to take Bart's advice not to have a cow, and realized that I would follow this routine every day until I die, or these shows go off the air, which every comes first.

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